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Hi. I’m Jackie, your photographer.

Despite how fancy that sounds, who I really am is a mother , lover of wine and sushi, social butterfly and enthusiastic (albeit unskilled) dancer.

Who I also am is the person who will dance, clap hands, sing and play peek-a-boo with your kids to connect with them (I do apologize for the singing) .

I am the one who will tuck in your underwear for your maternity shoot and tell you there’s something on your cheek so you look just perfect.

I am the one who will put on sexy music and feed you champagne at your boudoir shoot to calm your nerves.

I am the one your newborn will pee on while I rock her to sleep, or puke on just as I have him in the perfect sleepy position.

I am also the one who will put up with your reluctant husband and I’ll make the shoot as easy and painless for him as possible.

I am your photographer, and my time with you is not just one or two hours. I will help guide you to prep for your shoot, answer all your questions, get to know you, take pictures you will want to put on your wall and never take off and I will hopefully see all your babies grow up.

If we are gonna be friends, you will need to know some basics about me.

Coffee: black, one sugar…offer it often and in abundance and we’ll be just fine!

Wine: Yes please. But only after work.

Kids: 4. Yes, we do have TV. One of my kids is adopted.

Passions: Photography. Charity, and I am a huge advocate of adoption…please feel free to ask me anything

My philosophy on photography: When you look at a picture 10 years from now you must remember the feeling, the emotion. Smell what your baby smelt like, feel the kicking in your belly all over again. When I create a picture of you, yes it is about what you look like, but more about how I see you live and love.

How long have I been doing this: More than a decade. I’m considered one of the first professional newborn photographers in SA…I started when it was still cool to put babies in pumpkins and photoshop them into flowers (for the record I never did any of those things!)

Studio or natural light – I’ve had several studios for more than 7 years of my career and although fully capable of using artificial light my true love is natural light. Don’t be fooled by the fancy name ‘studio’, I prefer to call my current studio just a shooting space. It’s big and open and inviting with enough light to make me cry from joy. No stands or backdrops or fancy gadgets for me anymore…I have found my happy place and it’s natural and authentic and easy and unpretentious.

I also travel to the Pretoria and Johannesburg areas and Gauteng surrounds for shoots in the comfort of your home or any venue or park of your choosing.

For those interested in titles and fancy badges and bragging rights – I have been published on several lifestyle and baby blogs as well as countless baby, toddler and entrepeneur magazines.

I launched the i adore mine calender campaign for cancer survivors and proceeds helped several children charities and homes.

I am a founding member and vice chairman of the Gauteng Association of Birth Photographers.

I am the Gauteng Area Coordinator for the SA branch of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep for remembrance photography and am also one of the founding members of the annual Walk of Remembrance.

I also provide training and workshops for photographers, as co-founder of Fresh Workshops, and also  one-on-one mentoring in my personal capacity .

I manage Shalom Photo Studio, shooting space, training venue, workshop hub and gettogether spot.

And then, occasionally…I also sleep 😉


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I n s t a g r a m
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