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Boudoir photography

Boudoir photographs are taken with my clients wearing little to no clothing at all, posing in a manner that reveals only what you are comfortable with. The photo shoot will be done by myself, no other photographers or staff will be at the studio. I also do all editing to enhance your best features.

So you want to do something for YOU? Well done! There is no better pick-me-up than seeing yourself as gorgeous as you have ever been. Why postpone feeling great about yourself? Do it now!

Us, women, always have some sort of excuse – to lose 10 kg, to have one more baby, to grow our hair, the list goes on and on. I have a very simple mantra: every year you wait is a year older that you get. You will never ever be as young again as you are today.

Do it now. Do it with short hair, and again with long hair in a year. Do it before you have your last baby… By the time you are ready again, you will be 3 years older. Do it before you lose the weight. OWN that body NOW! You will amazed at what good angles and lighting can achieve.

So, what is boudoir photography exactly? Boudoir photos are usually taken wearing either just a little, or more if you want, or well, nothing at all, what the pros call ‘implied nudes’. That means you’re not wearing anything, but you’re also not showing off anything either (think about a shot from the back, or lying on your stomach).

Your photo shoot will be done by myself, and no unnecessary staff will be on set. It will be in a very relaxed atmosphere, with no judgement and no pressure. Well that’s how it will start out anyway. Chances are, by the end of the shoot you will be super confident, super comfortable and feeling great! Any woman who has ever done a boudoir shoot will tell you it is amazingly empowering! No one ever leaves feeling insecure and ashamed or regrets doing it. NO ONE.

Your makeup will be done professionally for you, either on location or in studio. The makeup artist is also female with many years of experience. Your shoot will take place at the location of your choice. Natural light is the most flattering for boudoir shoots so, if at all possible, we suggest doing it at your home if you have good natural light filtering in, or using a hotel or B&B for the occasion. It really adds to the feeling of being spoilt and a little extravagance!

Your photos will be edited by me personally. I hand edit each picture to enhance your best features and give a set of uber-glamorous boudoir photographs to view. Boudoir photographs make wonderful gifts but the experience is all for you. My aim is to make you feel beautiful during your session and prove it to you afterwards with the most beautiful photographs of yourself you have ever seen.

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