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cherish the dress sessions | in mommy’s wedding dress

I have had this shoot in the back of my mind for quite a while now

But as is unfortunately the case with us photographers, our own kids sometimes get bumped to the back of the que when we get busy

After some renovations at my adore’ photography studio I decided it is the prime time to get my own little (big) one in for some test shots

We are all fairly familiar with the Trash the Dress sessions that have become quite popular in recent years

when we get to wear our carefully designed and sentimental wedding gowns a second time to have a more informal and fun shoot

(but obviously it is just a chance to wear the dresses we love so much  again, let’s be honest)

But here we have the opposite, a session which I have christened the Cherish the Dress session

What little girl doesn’t like playing dress-up, and in a real wedding dress none the less!

Let’s face it moms, our little girls might love our dresses now

but chances are slim they will want to get married in Mom’s dated old dress in 20 years time.

This is my own little one

and  I never told her what we were up to (and in fact she has never seen Mommy’s dress in person)

so I totally surprised her when I took the dress out and told her to drape it over her.

She was so giddy with excitement and giggles, at one stage she broke into teary emotional uncontrollable laughter.

I for one am SO glad I did this before she was just a little too big to pull it off

and I just know that she will love these pictures (and the giggles we shared) just as much as me

On a personal note it was even more special that the dress was designed by myself and my mother

(because of course I refused to wear a traditional wedding dress)

and made by my mom as well

So just a little side note ladies,

when you do that Trash the Dress (and it really is a very fun shoot!)

don’t go to extremes and really trash the dress…

you never know what it might mean to your little girl one day to play dress up in your gorgeous gown

and have some gorgeous pictures taken of the moment…

in wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dressin wedding dress

 With special thanks to my friend Jo Anne

White crown by Samantha from Sunkissed Handmade

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